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This is a community for fans of Ace Young and Chris Daughtry on American Idol!

Warning: We also have intense love for them as a pairing!(Yes that means SLASH) So if that isnt your thing, I would probably concider not joining. Also posts may contain adult content!

~Disclaimer~ I Thought I should add this: YES we know they arent really a couple *cough*atleastthatswhattheywantustobeleive*cough* this is all just in good fun.We dont mean any disrespect to anyone,(that includes Chris' wife. We have NOTHING against her, she seems very sweet hehe) But remember Fantasies don't hurt anyone.

Feel free to post anything Chris/Ace related, but all posts MUST be friends locked!!(Edit:I fixed it so all posts are automatically locked)

Make sure to post anything with possible spoilers behind a cut!

No fighting! I hate drama lol, so please try not to.

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